Our Mission & Vision:

Our mission is to return synergistic wellness to the Spirit, Body & Mind.  Using culturally diverse, multi-disciplinary approaches, we help individuals heal themselves through understanding the macrocosmic influences on a microcosmic body. 

Our vision is the utilization of the 5 Elements of Wellness™  to return Spirit to all aspects of medicine, from practice to personal healing.  With tenets of integrity, truth, and honor, and by forming relationships with local, heart-centered professionals, we create the matrix of belonging and connection critical to the healing of individuals and communities. 



"Crystal is one of the best I've seen in this town!  She's professional, to the point, strong and gentle at the same time.  This is my 1st time in acupuncture and I'm glad that Novant Heart & Vascular Rehab referred her to me.  I'm looking forward to continuing my healing journey with her." 

"Crystal is very professional and cares very much about people.  She also has a great sense of humor to put patients at ease.  I have stage-4 breast cancer.  She helps align my chi to strengthen me for the war."  

"Crystal is very intuitive and easy to talk to.  My wife and I drive from Fayetteville to see her.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to try alternative healing paths."

"This has been the most wonderful experience in my life.  Crystal, I cannot express how much you are helping me.  I can't even put it into words.  If you need help in your physical or spiritual world.  This is The Place to come!!!!!!!!!!"

"Crystal is amazing, attentive, and genuine.  She exudes passion for alternative medicine and healing others.  Can't wait to book another appointment!"

"Crystal is very knowledgeable and has helped me with several issues.  Huge fan!"

"Crystal is taking me on a healing journey that, quite frankly, I didn't think existed.  Mind wide open, body healing.  It's a wonderful life."

"Crystal is phenomenal at finding the root cause of the 'injury' and getting the right treatment on track.  After 3 visits, my 9-month suffering has finally begun to subside!  Thank you Crystal - you're the WOMAN..."

"Great communication and information.  Very happy with the way you explained everything.  Can't wait to see how things work out."

"...Very intuitive with the body."

"...Tremendous experience :).  Already looking forward to my next visit!"

"...Crystal took a thorough history to understand my problems..." 


Upcoming Talks & Events


Crystal N. Cliff, L.Ac., Dipl. OM, MSOM, CKTP is an educator who began studying the human body at the age of six.  She has spent the last decade deepening her understanding of the body through bodywork, lecturing, and personal study.  For questions about speaking events, please contact us @ 980-819-1213 or contact@phoenixmoonacupuncture.com.  For a list of keynote/discussion/workshop topics, click here.  Click here to see Crystal's event schedule.