75 to 90 MINUTES

Insertion of sterile, single-use, hair-thin needles through the skin. These needles are applied to acupuncture points along acupuncture meridians (channels of energy and blood). By inserting the needle into the acupuncture point, we stimulate that point to do one of the actions that it has been discovered, through 5,000 years of Chinese medicine, to do. When points are used in combination with each other, a ‘recipe’ of points is created that gives the body instruction on how to rebalance itself.  #needlelove  #therapuncture  #CTFD


Acupuncture Alternative

75 to 90 minutes

Some individuals have an aversion to needles which is absolutely understandable. A powerful and effective treatment is still possible through stimulation of these same acupuncture points with Reiki, Herbal medicines, Essential Oils, or Stones (Crystals). Please advise us of your alternative approach when scheduling.