Chinese Medicine & Traumatic Brain Injury: An Ancient View of a Modern Epidemic


The brain is a complex anatomical structure responsible for overseeing the function of every process in the human body.  When this structure becomes compromised through trauma, those processes are affected.  Through its long history of wars and martial affairs, Chinese Medicine has extensive knowledge in the treatment of trauma to the body.  Ancient Chinese physicians obtained great insight about the structure, function, and energy of the brain and its impact upon other organs.   This presentation discusses brain trauma and treatment via multi-disciplines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mechanism of Impact--understanding the physics of force applied to the body.
  • Energy explained across Vibrational Medicine model.
  • Impact Zone designation of symptoms. 
  • Origin stories and their role in TBI.
  • Chinese Medicine view of the Nervous System.
  • Seemingly unrelated symptoms connected and explained via Chinese Medicine.  
  • Shen Shock--the effects on body systems, organs, and tissues years after impact.
  • Echo Trauma--Energy of impact affecting cellular function.  
  • The 5 Elements of Wellness Holistic Treatment Approach and Cohort Healing Model.
  • The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Divergent Meridians of TBI Treatment.
  • Role of Chinese herbal therapy, essential oil formulas, and stone elixirs is presented.


Finally, the bridge between allopathic and complimentary medicine is created.   Explanation of patient symptoms from (Western) allopathic terminology is correlated into Chinese medicine concepts and theories that are then explained.  Chinese medicine treatment principles are presented and then explained in Western anatomy and physiology terms.  Attendees leave with a sense of clarity and belief that they can achieve extraordinary treatment success when in partnership with Chinese Medicine practitioners.  The 5 Elements of Wellness cohort healing model consulting and implementation is available.