From the Garden

Food is medicine.  It is the commonality around which we all gather to celebrate, share, and heal.  Through our training with our Daoist Priest, we have learned that all foods contain different energetics and healing properties.  We use these properties to create a nutritional plan tailored to your particular area of concern.  Should you need meals prepared for you, we have partnered with skilled chefs that can create meals for you according to our specifications.  

From the Plant Elders

The essential essences of herbs, flowers, trees and their parts (roots, stems, rhizomes, fruits, etc) contain all the life force necessary to sustain human life.  Our Chinese Herbal Apothecary contains all these rich offerings of the Plant Elders.  Herbal formulas are tailored to your specific needs and concerns.  Herbal medicinals are available in powdered herbal tea, tablet, and tea pills.  

Essentials Plant Oils

Essential Plant Oils are one of the most powerful medicines available for human healing.  Plant Oils have the ability to immediately shift the body physiology due to the olfactory nerve location and receiving of the ketones and chemicals of the essential plant essence.  Essential plant oils are custom blended for your particular need.  Oils are ingested, applied topically, inhaled, or used as a soak or compress. 


apothecary open daily
10AM - 6PM

Our Chinese herbal, stone, and essential oil medicine was learned directly from Daoist priest, Jeffery Yuen, 88th generation Jade Purity Sect, who learned his Chinese medicine from the last Eunuch of the Emperial Court of China.  Our linage for understanding the chinese herbs, stones, and essential oils in our apothecary goes back to 1000 B.C. and this is a lineage we take very seriously.  

All Chinese herbs are GMP certified.  As with all herbs and essential oils, contraindications with pharmaceuticals and other herbs/oils are to be considered before dispensing or consuming.  All of our herbs are dispensed by a licensed and trained Chinese Medicine practitioner.  

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