Your own private healing space.

  One patient + one private room = full mindful attention on you during your visit.  Our office is located in the healing side of a small, 1940s bungalow-style house in the Chantilly Neighborhood.  We devote ourselves to caring for one patient at a time which allows us to offer our entire office to you as your private healing space.  Allow us the opportunity to help you disconnect from the world as you close your eyes, breathe deeply and slip into a healing journey of color and sensation.  



  • Complimentary water or tea.
  • Private full use of office space.
  • Text options for reminders, scheduling, questions.
  • Quiet, calm, serene atmosphere.
  • Herbal apothecary on site.
  • Essential oil blends tailored to you.
  • Stone elixirs and blends tailored to you.
  • Energetically neutral space.
  • Nebulized air purification.
  • White noise system for cancelling auditory distractions.
  • Local train creating lovely healing vibrations.
  • No cell phone zone.
  • App scheduling via Mindbody.
  • Invitations to Healing Ceremonies.
  • Guest position on Podcast.
  • Medical labs read and explained.
  • Complimentary drive-by huggings.
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