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Our awesome MEDx Charlotte logo coming soon!!

Our awesome MEDx Charlotte logo coming soon!!

April 2018

Where medicine and magic meet.

MEDxCharlotte is a local conference spotlighting leading edge Complimentary Alternative Medicine practitioners and their pioneering efforts in bridging gaps, fostering integrative approaches, and returning ancient magic to new medicine.

Available for download on iTunes and Google Play soon...

Available for download on iTunes and Google Play soon...

5 elements of wellness podcast schedule

  • September 22; S1E1: Circle & Star Introductions
  • September 22 S1E2:  Metal Element & Self-Care Element™
Learn the Elements...

Learn the Elements...

5 elements of wellness™ Level 1
Thursday, november 9, 2017; 5:30p-8:30p

Cost: $25

The 5 Elements of Wellness™ is a method of observation, assessment and treatment based on the ancient cultures, theories, and philosophies of Daoism, Buddhism, Native American Spirituality as well as the medical frameworks of Chinese Medicine and Allopathic Medicine.  From these disciplines, 5 key elements of daily living emerge as the way to achieve and maintain complete wellness and health.

This method has been proven effective in treating conditions as varied as weight loss and as encompassing as cancer.

This initial training discusses each individual Element as well as its influence on other elements within the 5 Elements of Wellness™ framework.  This training is a prerequisite to Levels 2-5 and to becoming a 5 Elements of Wellness™ Certified Practitioner.  

Within this training module you will learn:

  • Each individual element within the method.
  • Each elements particular characteristics that correlate to health.
  • Each elements correlation to the Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory elemental characteristics.
  • How each Element develops, supports, or maintains checks and balances on surrounding Elements.

What you can expect after completion of this module:

  • Clarity on the role your modality or practice plays in healing.
  • Understanding reasons for potential stagnancy in client progress.
  • How ancient community healing impacts your current practice.
  • Immediate impact and integration within your current practice.