From professional speaking to teaching Healers, from holding Sacred Pipe Ceremony, to creating community Medicine Wheels, I believe in giving forward. Click below to learn more.



the truth about illness and how to get well.

You’ve been lied to long enough. Straight to the heart truth about how illness in your life, work, and body began and actionable awareness steps to begin reclaiming your wellness. Multiple options ranging from the effect of your environment on you to the movement of trauma through you. Let’s talk truth.



the healers

Teaching Healers from all modalities how to heal themselves through cross-cultural and multi-modality partnerships. First tier healing of the Healer translates into second tier healing of their patients and clients. Partnerships are created and co-treatment referrals are made. From the healing of one, comes the healing of many. As it should be.



The community to heal.

Through Sacred Pipe Ceremonies and Medicine Wheel creation, I offer the community a way to come together in healing support of themselves, each other and their community. From the healing of one in the community begins the healing of the community as a whole. From the healing of one community begins the healing of the city. From the healing of the city…well, you get it.