Concussion is a physical trauma to the brain resulting in bleeding into the brain known as a contusion or bruise. Concussion occurs when an external physical force provides momentum to the skull and cranial cavity. The skull is forced into a sudden stop and the brain continues moving with momentum sufficient to overcome the innate protective shock and insulative barriers (Cerebrospinal Fluid, CSF). The result is contact of the brain with the skull. the brain matter then continues to move back and forth in the line of force until inertia slows the brain and movement ceases. In those mere moments, the vector of force can cause the brain to impact the skull multiple times with multiples vectors of force traveling through the cranial cavity and spine. Supporting neuroglia cells, neurons (nerve cells) and tissues (meninges) may be torn or stretched in the trauma causing concomitant symptoms.

Concussion Symptoms

A short list of concussion symptoms are listed below. This is not a complete list and every concussion is different and individual. any change in behavior or function post-concussion is a symptom of an underlying disruption or imbalance, even if the change is odd or unable to be connected within the allopathic medical paradigm.

  • vision changes

  • mental fatigue/cloudiness

  • vertigo/dizziness

  • memory changes

  • balance changes

  • sense of smell change

  • changes in facial structure or numbness/tingling

  • uncontrolled emotions

  • emotions unrelated to the environment (pseudo bulbar reflex)

  • changes in eye positioning (one eye veers off to the side)

  • easily exhausted

  • panic attacks and behavior change

  • Increased desire to sleep.

  • increased desire to withdraw

  • lack of interest in prior activities

  • Swallowing issues, speech changes, or sensation of something stuck in the throat

  • constriction in the chest

  • rashes and skin issues

  • hormonal issues including menstruation and sexual changes

  • digestive changes including new gluten sensitivities, IBS, diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease

  • onset of dementia, parkinson’s & alzheimer’s disease

Concussion Protocol

crystal n. cliff provides an in-depth interview regarding the mechanism of injury to your brain. through diagrams and physics equations, crystal determines the amount of force, THE vectors and the direction of movement of the brain with the resulting tissue damage. she provides a summary of findings, a visual schematic of the internal trauma and force, and an individualized treatment plan.

her prior career as a police officer investigating accident scenes, her service as a range safety officer understanding the physics of trajectory along with her undergraduate degree in biology and 9 years teaching anatomy, physiology, and pathology with special focus on the nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems, allow her a very unique understanding of the movement of force through the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.

crystal utilizes functional and Classical Chinese medicine, vibrational medicine, and her shen shock theory™ to return the body to upright relationship.

Concussion History

crystal is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor having suffered a severe coup/contra-coup concussion as a result of a bicycling accident in 1995. crystal was not breathing when her friends reached her and had to be resuscitated with spinal protocols. wearing a bicycle helmet is contributed to saving her life. losing her photographic memory and coping with her TBI symptoms, crystal’s career path diverged from allopathic medical school toward complimentary alternative medicine. she experienced a second concussion resulting from a fall in 1996. Crystal functions daily with symptoms of tbi and intimately understands the frustrations and challenges of a Traumatic brain injury.

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