Orthopedic Specialty

Joint: the intersections of bones and their surrounding tendons, ligaments, and muscles are grouped together as ‘sinews’ in chinese medicine and fall under the domain of the liver. The liver is also in charge of the nervous system (see neurotrauma above) and its feedback and function around those joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.


In Chinese Medicine, every joint and its supporting tissues are innervated by a Chinese Medicine Meridian. These meridians, or ‘channels’, are like tiny streams running through your body. Just as in nature, these ‘streams’ can dry up, be washed away, or be blocked or dammed completely. The function of Chinese Medicine is to provide nourishment to these deficient areas, reign in and contain areas of excess (acute trauma with subsequent bruising and swelling), or remove blockages preventing proper flow of blood, oxygen, lymphatic fluids, and nutrients to the joint and tissues. This returning to proper function is accomplished through acupuncture, Chinese Herbal remedies (pills, topicals, liniments, etc), Qi Gong exercises, and essential oil blends.

Our Orthopedic Experience:

  • Elite level pro sponsored Triathletes

  • Indy Race Car Drivers

  • Pro Cyclists

  • Weekend Warriors

  • Recovering Couch Potatoes

Our Orthopedic Event Support:

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway Time Trial Series

  • U.S. National Whitewater Series

  • She Rocks Triathlon

  • Avon Walk For Breast Cancer

  • Bobcats NBA Team

  • ESPN