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Our Methods

Our Approach

We believe in our medicine wholeheartedly and know its benefits to most concerns and conditions.  


However, we also recognize that every medicine and modality has its limits and limitations.  


To that effect, we believe that to be an exceptional physician requires not only knowing and understanding your own medicine, its limits and limitations but also requires understanding other medicines, their benefits and support to our medicine, as well as their potential limitations.  

To foster that level of knowledge requires dedication to the patient healing experience and continuously being open, curious and a willing student to other medicines and modalities. 

Here at Phoenix Moon, we pride ourselves on our connections to other medicines and to those who practice them to our standards of excellence and integrity of care.  

We invite you to view our extended team below.  

We welcome you to the way medicine should be practiced.

Our Team

We believe that no one heals alone and that it may require a strong team of medical professionals to help you heal and be well.  


As such, Dr. Cliff has spent the last 30 years personally vetting and cultivating relationships with professionals, healers and practitioners in various modalities.  Each part of her extended team works seamlessly together for your wellness.  


You may receive personal referrals to her team as needed for your treatment plan.  

Meet The Extended Team


Dr. Phil Arnone, D.C.

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Tom Archer, LMBT #14327

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Full Body Function

Charlotte, NC


Josh Brigham
Foundatiton Training 

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Charlotte, NC

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