Trauma is our area of special focus.  Trauma may be emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, sexual, or a combination of these.  Trauma echos create vibrational wavelengths that travel through time and space as well as through the body.  Our expertise lies in sensing these trauma echos, recognizing the impact, and creating healing to return you to a place of integrative wellness.   



sport injuries & Orthopedics

(Bi Syndrome)

We have vast experience in sport related injuries and orthopedics both as a patient, and as a practitioner.  For over 12 years, we have focused on sport injuries and orthopedics. In our former structural and sport bodywork practice we served elite level athletes working directly with cyclists, triathletes, pro sport team members, and Indy 500 race drivers.  Our elite team of practitioners have direct experience as triathletes, runners, cyclists, martial artists, and sport team members. 

Photo by alex-mit/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by alex-mit/iStock / Getty Images

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

(Du & marrow insufficiency)

We have direct experience with TBI.  In 1995, our owner was in day one of a two-day bicycle tour with her cycling team when a young child wrecked and fell in the road in front of her.  In an effort to avoid striking the child at her high rate of speed, she veered toward the back tire of the child's bike.  The resulting collision caused her body to crumple on top of her head as she came to a forceful stop.  She was not breathing when her team mates reached her and her body had to be carefully reconstructed in order to prevent or lessen any paralysis that may have occurred. The traumatic brain injury from the accident completely changed the trajectory of her medical school plans to the path she is currently walking.  Since that day, our owner has worked with traumatic brain injury patients due to gun shot wounds, falls, car accidents, and sports injuries.  She has developed a method of treatment blending quantum physics, quantum biology, and Chinese medicine to successfully treat these cases to 90% functionality.  

We are a proud member of the North Carolina Brain Injury Association.