Where Alchemy happens.


What Is Alchemy?

Alchemy: al-kuh-mee; noun.  1. Any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new.

2. To purify, mature, perfect certain objects through a change of physical state to create the elixir of life.

I believe in Alchemy.  I have first-hand experience of it both in myself and in my patients.  I have seen the transformation possible when someone decides that they want to feel better, live longer, move with less pain, and engage in their life more.  If you want this too, I can help.     

Why Alchemy?

The Law of Nature is one of connection, creation and interaction. We see this in the alchemical cycle of a lightning strike starting a forest fire that generates regrowth in the ashes of what once was.  What once was can be the fuel for what is yet to be.  All that is required is a spark to create combustion.  As the human body is part of Nature, those same laws apply to you as well.  

Without a change of state no lasting healing can occur.  To change the physical body requires a change to the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well. Change cannot occur to one aspect of the human experience without also shifting the others.    



How Alchemy Is Achieved

I blend Daoist and Classical Chinese Medicine with Native American, Celtic, and Buddhist medicines, ceremonies, and healing philosophies.  My 41 years of extensive allopathic medical training and background enable me to fully integrate your treatment plan with your existing healthcare paradigm.  

I understand that change can be daunting, complex, and sometimes scary.  I, and my team of outstanding licensed professionals, are here to assist in all areas of your alchemical process.   

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