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Tools & Methods

Dr. Cliff is a Master Diagnostician working with the following tools and methods of healing.  Please note that Dr. Cliff will determine your treatment strategy and may use any of the following in your care.  


+ Daoist Classical Chinese Medicine

+ Earth Medicine

+ Shamanic Medicine

+ Acupuncture 

+ Laser Acupuncture

+ Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture & Ear Seeds/Tacks

+ Scalp Acupuncture

+ Elemental Mapping (proprietary)

+ Gua Sha & Cupping

+ Stone Medicine

+ Sinew Meridians

+ Longitudinal Luo Vessels

+ Primary Meridians & Zang Fu

+ Eight Extraordinary Vessels

+ Divergent Channels

+ Five Elements

+ Korean Four Needle Technique

+ Aggressive Energy

+ Internal & External Dragons

+ The Nine Palaces

+ The Earth School

+ The Wen Bing School

+ The School of Attacking & Purging

+ Four Level Syndrome Differentiation 

+ Six Stages Syndrome Differentiation

+ Nine Needle Techniques

+ Kinesio Taping

+ Daoist AcuTat Wu Tattoo™ {Proprietary, Pat. Pend.}

+ Feng Smoke Medicine 

+ Usui Reiki Ryoho 

+ Ten Shen Tai-Shinpinden Okuden Rei Ki Ryoho

+ Qi Gong (Tai Yu Shen Gong, Five Animal Frolicks, Huff Puff,   

   Five Healing Sounds)

+ Foundation Training

+ Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulations & Essential Oil Blends

+ 5 Elements of Wellness (Proprietary)

+ Rites of Passage Ceremonies

+ Shen Shock Theory (Proprietary)

+ Food Medicine & Chinese Dietary Therapy

+ Ba Zi, 4 Pillars of Destiny (Character Chart)

+ Feng Shui

+ Facial Diagnosis

+ Hara Diagnosis

+ Kubota Ishizaka Rhu (Japanese Acupuncture)

+ Tao of Trauma Certified

+ 5 Elements of Wellness Health Consulting & Coaching

+ Medical Storytelling

+ Evidence-based Research

+ Hero's Journey 21st Century Leader Certified

More Info on Methods

Acupuncture places intention into the body to change its current state to a more balanced relationship.  Through gentle nudging of the nervous system, acupuncture can reduce pain, stimulate organ regulation, support normal function and ground and calm mental-emotional wobbles.  Lasers may also be used in lieu of needles.  


Chinese Medicine includes most of the methods listed above and is a well-rounded approach to wellness.  Although acupuncture is certainly part of Chinese Medicine, other aspects of care may be needed depending on health concern.  

Chinese Herbal Apothecary

The essential essences of herbs, flowers, trees and their parts (roots, stems, rhizomes, fruits, etc) contain all the life force necessary to sustain human life.  Chinese Herbal formulas are tailored to your specific needs and are available in powdered herbal tea infusions, tablets, tinctures, tea pills and essential oil blends.  Herbal or essential oil formulations are compounded on-site or are delivered to your home via our local supplier.  

All herbal formulations are checked for contraindications and interactions with existing pharmaceuticals and supplements prior to dispensing or prescribing.


All our herbs are GMP (gross manufacturing process) verified for safety and are from vetted Chinese herbal growers in China or select regions of the United States.  Our suppliers are certified and vetted for integrity.  

5 Elements of Wellness Health Coaching

Need some ongoing support outside of our treatment time? 


Each individual is a combination of 5 elementals: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood.  One element is predominant and is considered your constitution.  The element is determined by the exact time and location of your birth and other factors such as your parents individual constitutions and environmental nurturing.  

Your elemental influences your behaviors, career choices, relationship styles, emotional states, and myriad daily interaction choices.  It even determines what imbalances, diseases and disorders you may be more inclined to have.  


5EW coaching consists of a determination of your Elemental, explanation of creation and support cycles and discovery of areas of imbalance and potential pathologies.  5EW coaching does not include Elemental Mapping.

Join us in our 5 Elements of Wellness 5 Series training in 2024!  This 5 Series will teach you about the 5 Elements of Wellness, how to determine your own element as well as others, help you understand the interactions of the elements and how to be aware of any imbalances and self-correct them.  For more information, go here. 


Certification as a 5 Elements of Wellness Health Coach is also available!!

Food Medicine & Chinese Dietary Therapy
Coaching & Consulting 

Food Medicine & Chinese Dietary Therapy is based on the energetics and medicinal qualities of foods according the Chinese Medicine and Daoist food principles.  


We work directly with farmers, food purveyors, culinary professionals, food insecurity advocates and culinary schools to help create food that not only tastes amazing but heals the body in ways never before considered. 


Growing, harvesting, preparation and food combinations within the Daoist and Chinese Dietary principles creates food that is not only ethically sustainable but food but honors the land and animals as part of a cycle of energy.  

We look at food as a layered experience of 5 tastes and 5 energetics that create food formulations of healing food medicine.

Spiritual & Shamanic Sessions

In-person or virtual sessions regarding spiritual concerns or questions, guidance or healing.  

Shamanic ceremonies include specific ceremonies for healing or ceremonies for retrieval of information for you to work with along your healing journey.  The ceremonies can be a pivotal or integral part of your healing and wellness and are woven into your strategic care plan.  Although strongly suggested, they are absolutely optional.

Sacred Pipe Ceremony for healing or prayers is available upon request.  Daily prayer requests received.  

All Spiritual or Shamanic sessions are through the Otter Dance Lineage of Robbie Otter Woman Standing Warren and Native American Visionary Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow Rael.  Please visit our About section for more details.

We are currently taking new patients! 

Interested in becoming part of Phoenix Moon but not quite sure yet?  

Schedule your 30 minute complimentary Discovery Call here to learn more about how we work and how we might support you best!!  

Text us at 980-819-1213.  
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Solo- & -Centric Approach

Our practice is a small, solo-practitioner, solo-preneur, community-centric, connection-driven practice.  We treat one patient at a time to ensure highest care excellence.  

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