Work With Me

Integrative holistic apprenticeships encompass the vast array of healing methods available to you at Phoenix Moon.  

in honouring of my medical & spiritual lineages, i teach you the medicine you need to heal yourself.  the intention is to provide a deeper connection to you with the medicine helping you heal & balance yourself.  

I diagnose your area of concern according to chinese medicine principles.  Using the 5 elements of wellness™ and the shen shock theory™ i formulate a plan to your desired wellness goal.  

first weekly treatment: 

each 75-90 min treatment varies according to what has been designed for your personal healing.  Treatments may include: chinese herbal formula creation & consumption, acupuncture, meditation, qi gong, or food medicine.

second weekly treatment:

15 minute video check-in, modules on your private patient tab related to your healing, or links to pertinent material.


For reservations or information:

Click the MindBody button below to download the app.  Then search for Phoenix Moon and schedule your appointment.  

Text or call 980-819-1213 and we will gladly schedule for you.