Preliminary Consultation (Mandatory)

30 MINUTES complimentary

This 30 minute conversation does not delve deeply into the area of concern but provides a cursory awareness of the concern to be addressed, the expectations of Chinese Medicine and timelines for improvement.  This brief conversation also allows the opportunity to gauge whether we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for how we work.   


1.5-2 hour Initial Consult & Treatment $125

60 MINUTES $90

Insertion of sterile, single-use, hair-thin needles through the skin.  Please see our YouTube video for answers to common questions regarding acupuncture and 'how it works'.  #needlelove

Cupping & Gua Sha

60 MINUTES $90 

Included within certain treatments.  May also be a stand-alone treatment request.  Small glass cups (resembling fish bowls) are placed onto the skin with suction to move stagnant blood, toxins, and oxygen (Qi).  Gua Sha uses various instruments to scrape the skin for the same purpose as cupping.

Plant Medicine~Herbal Apothecary

Varies according to herbs/oils utilized

Plants hold resonance with the deepest energies of healing.  In the form of essential oils, the plant essence is at its highest healing vibration and its most powerful.  We create essential oil medicinal blends from Ancient Daoist and Classical Chinese Medicine teachings.  

Our herbal apothecary consists of whole Chinese Herbs ground into powder to create medicinal teas for consumption.  In true old world apothecary style, these herbal medicinals are combined according to your specific needs for healing.  Tea-pills, tablets, tinctures, and liniments are also available for your healing needs.

Stone Medicine 

varies according to number and type of stones

Stones are the strongest form of medicine (along with essential oils) and have a powerful and immediate effect on the body, spirit, and marrow (bone).

Stones are composed of various minerals and elements that structurally align according to the polarities of the North and South Poles at the time of the stone formation.  These alignments allow for an overall energetic of the stone that combined with the chemical elemental properties polarizes the stone and allow it to interact with your internal chemical environment.  

Various stones are combined according to your specific healing needs and according to Ancient Daoist Traditions.  Stones are then either held and meditated with, or an elixir is made with the stones and the elixir is consumed.  


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

2 hours/session $200/session ($2200 package rate) 

Insertion of 2-3mm length sterile, single-use needles into wrinkles and lines in the face and neck.  Needles create micro-trauma under the skin surface causing the body to send collagen to the areas resulting in filled and softened lines.  Effect is gradual creating a natural shift and no harsh 'you've had work done' looks common with other methods.  The 12 series sessions are 2-hours each and are required for full and lasting effect.  Effects can last as long as 10 years with proper diet and self-care.

Drive By-Hugging

?? MINUTES $Free 

Everyone needs a hug and we love giving them.  Once we teach you how to Heart hug all you do is text or email us with your intended arrival time.  We will meet you in the front room or in the parking lot for a drive-by hugging of the duration you need.  It's ok to need connection.  We're thrilled to provide that.  

5 Elements of Wellness Retreats & Corporate Programs

cost varies according to package 

We offer 5 Elements of Wellness local retreats and on-site corporate programs.  Retreats provide multiple treatments from local practitioners all under the supervised care of medical personnel.  Food, lodging and amenities vary according to need and package.  Take-aways include:  5 Elements of Wellness assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan (started during the retreat), plan of action, referrals and connections to healing professionals.  




For reservations or information:

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