Chinese Medicine Health Coaching

What We Do.

chinese medicine health coaching encompass the vast array of healing methods available to you at Phoenix Moon.  more than simply providing guidance around behaviors, i provide behavior & Habit restructuring, assessment and evaluation of your 5 elements of wellness™, evaluation of your shen shock (if applicable), actionable weekly plans, and couple these with chinese medicine treatments, education regarding your chinese herbs, stones (crystals), and acupuncture points. together, we help you reach your desired health goal.

discussing your current health and your future health goals enables both you and i to discern where you are, where you have been and where you would like to go. this is the daoist way of determining a health care path for you.

together, we will determine the most satisfying & effective aspects of your past health care regime, we will examine those aspects that best suit your personality and lifestyle, and will determine actionable steps to help you achieve your desired goals.

what you will receive:

  • a full chinese medicine intake & diagnosis complete with pulse & tongue analysis.

  • a 5 elements of wellness™ assessment with wheel of life analysis.

  • shen shock theory™ mapping of traumas or autoimmune disease formation (if applicable).

  • behavior and habit restructuring.

  • actionable weekly plans.

  • weekly treatments as detailed below.

How we work together:

first weekly session: 

each 75-90 min session varies according to what has been designed for your personal healing.  Treatments may include: chinese herbal formula creation & consumption, acupuncture, meditation, qi gong, therapuncture or food medicine.

with the intention to provide a deeper connection of you with the medicine helping you heal & balance, i offer you a hands-on approach & teach you the medicine of your chinese herbs, essential oils, stones, food medicines, or the medicine of the acupuncture points selected for you.

* sessions begin with a clearing of external energy & brief centering meditation.*

post-session check-in:

15 minute video check-in to answer any questions, clarify instructions, and follow up on suggested personal investment work.

*video modules related to herbal formula preparation & consumption, general chinese medicine topics, or links to pertinent materials may be available via teachable.


For reservations or information:

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