I was recommended to Crystal by a trusted friend and was so grateful for the recommendation. Crystal is not just amazing at acupuncture but also at the other modalities of eastern medicine that she practices. I was able to incorporate herbal remedies and healing with stones and crystals. She knows her stuff. She also does her research for ALL possible options for your healing. She explains everything and takes time and care to make sure you understand your treatment plan. Most of all, she truly cares about her patients. She thinks about them and their treatment plans constantly and checks in regularly. I saw great results with Crystal and would recommend her to anyone looking for acupuncture, herbal remedies, etc. She is fantastic.
— AH, Traumatic Brain Injury, Charlotte, NC

I have had Crystal as part of my medical team since fall of 2013. She began treating my auto-immune disorder, Psoriatic Arthritis. Western [allopathic] medicine had only been treating the symptoms, masking the pain with steroids, pain pills and anti-depressants. After informing my Rheumatologist that I was going to stop the pills in favor of acupuncture, he reacted by stating, “There is only one school of acupuncture that could help, Daoist classical Chinese medicine” otherwise he doubted it would help. The fact he had knowledge of the different practices of acupuncture stunned me. With his guidance on withdrawing from a toxic pharmaceutical stew brewing in my every cell, Crystal was able to treat withdrawal while creating a new space for my cells to heal.

This is some very heavy stuff, the Daoist path to healing. Crystal has been there to tweak those needles whenever and wherever needed. She told me the first treatment that she would walk with me into the darkness of this healing path and that, even if I tripped and started to fall that I would never touch ground because she would be with me every step to catch me before I hit bottom. She told me that she could only walk with me in my darkness because she had walked through hers. She told me that she would walk me into the darkness and promised me that she would walk me back out into the light a different person. She said I wouldn’t always like her, that I may even hate and curse her during our walk and that that was ok and that all she asked was that I trust her. I have trusted her every step of the way and she filled every promise. We walked in the darkness and she walked me back into the light. It has been 6 years and I am completely off all medications, have lost 25 pounds, have zero inflammation and symptoms, and my gut has been repaired by our combined efforts. I know in my soul without Crystal and her Daoist healing traditions, I would be ashes by now.
— Pat F., Former Rheumatoid Psoriatic Arthritis, Former Cancer Patient, Charlotte, NC

Crystal is awesome!! Not only is she GREAT at what she does, she is very down to earth and awesome to work with. Being new to acupuncture, I was kind of apprehensive. She immediately made me feel comfortable and helped heal my foot pain from plantar fasciitis. She understand the psychology and physiology of athletes and how we are hard on our bodies and as stubborn as they come. Crystal is an awesome person and most importantly, great at what she does!!
— Michael M., Charlotte, NC

I was a bit skeptical at first, but the more I experience the process the more beneficial and pleasurable it has become. Crystal does a wonderful job of making you feel like your well-being is important to her. Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a path forward to healing and peace.
— Bill M., Traumatic Brain Injury, Charlotte, NC

I was in an accident and was suffering from a concussion for months. Crystal helped ease the symptoms in the first session, and a a week later, even more! I was really nervous about it but I just felt so safe and loved while under her care. I am hooked!
— Bethany G., Rock Hill, SC

I can’t say enough about Crystal and her practice! I started seeing her after multiple collapsed lungs (even after surgery to rectify it) and she was the first medical professional to truly try to get at the root of the issue, not just put a “bandaid” on it. She listened to me, made me feel heard and has spent so much time researching my case in order to find the most appropriate methods for healing. My lung has not collapsed since our first treatment. I am so grateful for her medical knowledge in Chinese medicine, her intuition and healing gifts!
— Colleen N., Charlotte, NC

I learned of her gifted knowledge in school and my spirit felt led to call her because of the testimony I heard. I wasn’t expecting such a fast follow up call from her either and I must say, I was impressed. Not even a doctor office will call back that fast. She was very approachable and is definitely called to do this work. I look forward to doing the work with her and finding a new level of healing. I felt I was in the right place at the right time to do this very work. It was ordained for us to meet and for that, I’m grateful.
— Ashley G., Charlotte, NC

After treatment I have been able to stop using Advil for my knee pain. From 4 a day to zero! Smart, knowledgeable advice and care!
— Dan O., Charlotte, NC

I absolutely love Crystal!!! Every time I have a session with her, I immediately feel relaxed and centered. She is very knowledgeable about acupuncture and has a true gift. I won’t go to anyone but her.
— Kelli U., Charlotte, NC

Crystal is very knowledgeable and helpful. She told me two months earlier what was wrong before the doctor at Duke confirmed it.
— Sheri R., Charlotte, NC

Within minutes of being there for the first time, I knew this was the place for me. Crystal is so knowledgeable and makes you feel right at home. I am very much looking forward to continued sessions there.
— J M., Charlotte, NC

I suffered from severe vertigo to the point that it was impacting my business and my marriage. The room would spin while I was just laying down. I went to multiple specialists including neurologists and EENT specialists. No one could correctly diagnose (other than vertigo) nor treat me. Nothing worked at all. I was referred to Crystal and she was the first person to connect my vertigo with multiple head injuries. She explained her Shen Shock Theory™ to me and gave me a treatment. Immediately I had relief and felt things shifting in my head. I have residual vertigo now and when it flares, Crystal dials back into the source and removes it. She was the only one to help me. I cannot recommend her enough.
— Kim O., Charlotte, NC

Crystal is not the most expensive acupuncturist in Charlotte but she’s worth a whole lot more. I’ve seen other more expensive acupuncturists and they did not spend anywhere near as much time with me as she does. They did not explain what they were doing and they never pieced things together like she does. She’s the bomb.
— Kim O, Charlotte, NC

What makes Crystal different is that she is with you. I don’t mean she is just physically with you but she is WITH you. I have been to two other acupuncturists before and it’s not even close to the same experience. And it is exactly that with Crystal. It is an experience. From the moment you walk in until long after you leave, she is fully engaged with you, fully focused on you, and is completely invested in you. She spends so much time with you, talking with you, being WITH you. It’s definitely not the medical or industry norm. She even came to my house for a housecall post surgery. No one does that! Crystal does.
— Carol B., Charlotte. NC.

Crystal is worth every penny because she spends time with you. She talks to you and asks you questions about your physical, mental and emotional if that’s what you need [to heal]. But that’s the difference. There are other good acupuncturists in Charlotte but they see 4 people at a time and they don’t talk to you. That’s what you pay for here. The connection and the time spent with her.
— Nancy R., 7 year patient, cancer survivor, Charlotte, NC

Crystal has helped me more in 5 sessions that 36 sessions of physical therapy.
— Ann O., Breast Cancer Survivor, Charlotte, NC

Crystal is one of the best I’ve seen in this town! She’s professional, to the point, strong and gentle at the same time. This is my 1st time in acupuncture and I’m glad that Novant Heart & Vascular Rehab referred her to me. I’m looking forward to continuing my healing journey with her.”
— Simone B., Charlotte, NC

Crystal is very professional and cares very much about people. She also has a great sense of humor to put patients at ease. I have stage-4 breast cancer. She helps align my chi to strengthen me for the war.”
— M.B., Fayetteville, NC

Crystal is very intuitive and easy to talk to. My wife and I drive from Fayetteville to see her. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to try alternative healing paths.
— C.C., Fayetteville, NC

This has been the most wonderful experience in my life. Crystal, I cannot express how much you are helping me. I can’t even put it into words. If you need help in your physical or spiritual world. This is The Place to come!!!!!!!!!!
— Alison B., Charlotte, NC

I told my orthopedist that when he couldn’t fix people’s knees, to send them to Crystal and she could. I can drive, walk, exercise, and bend my knee again!
— Mary M., Charlotte, NC

Crystal is taking me on a healing journey that, quite frankly, I didn’t think existed. Mind wide open, body healing. It’s a wonderful life.
— Pat F., Charlotte, NC

Crystal is phenomenal at finding the root cause of the ‘injury’ and getting the right treatment on track. After 3 visits, my 9-month suffering has finally begun to subside! Thank you Crystal - you’re the WOMAN...
— Jessica N., Charlotte, NC
...Very intuitive with the body
— John M., Charlotte, NC
I have been able to been able to shower and attend to personal hygiene daily. That’s huge!! I have had one day of feeling ‘normal’ again and increased cognitive skills following one treatment. I look forward to our next session.
— Bill M., Traumatic Brain Injury Patient, Charlotte, NC