The 5 Elements of Wellness™ Podcast

The 5 Elements of Wellness™ is a health approach based on Buddhism, Daoism, and Native American Spirituality from a Chinese & Allopathic Medicine perspective. 

The 5 Elements of Wellness™ podcast discusses each individual Element during the season of the year that it correlates with and engages with health and wellness professionals in that particular Element for deeper understanding, connection, reference, and resource.  

All materials are copywrited by Phoenix Moon Acupuncture & Apothecary.  No unauthorized duplication without permission.

All information disseminated is for entertainment purposes only and should not replace diagnosis or treatment by a licensed professional.

 The 5 Elements of Wellness™ circle and star of creation and interaction.

The 5 Elements of Wellness™ circle and star of creation and interaction.


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A few delicious episodes are listed below.  Enjoy!

Episode 001 The self-care element: dancing with wellness

Dancer/Choreographer Jack Kirven of Integre8t Wellness joins us to discuss his unique perspective on the body and how it moves.  Now as a Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, Jack uses his many years of finely honed body awareness and his 8 pattern system to align, create power, and cultivate lifestyle changes in his clients.  

In this episode, we discuss how a dancer must abuse their body into the beauty observed on the stage and how dancing is a process of deformation of the muscular system.  Through the eyes of a dancer, we discuss self-care, self-acceptance, eating disorders, and how the body not only changes through the athletic process but also the culture that forms it.  

Episode 002 The self-care/cultivation element: cultivating the warrior & the Yogi

German native and accomplished athlete Sibylle Klaus shares with us the self-care and self-cultivation modality of Budokon-a fusion of Yoga, Martial Arts, and Meditation.  

Interconnection of the 5 Elements of Wellness™ elements of Self-Care/Cultivation, Environment, and Spirit are explored in this lively discussion of the transformation of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies through the 6 pillars of Budokon.

Cameron Shayne, founder and creator of Budokon states, "In Budokon, we are cultivating the warrior within who fights for that which can be changed and we're also cultivating the yogi within who accepts and surrenders to that which cannot be changed."

episode 003 The self-care/cultivation element: on bends & needles (yoga + acupuncture)

Licensed Acupuncturist, Healer, and owner of Be YogaWendy Swanson, joins us to discuss blending the Asian cultures of acupuncture and yoga.  

Wendy provides beautiful knowledge and wisdom into the internal connection of ourselves through the practice of yoga and the 8 Pillars of Yogic Tradition.  Whether on the yoga mat or under the acupuncture needle, the ability to come back to a place of stillness and peace within your authentic self is made possible.  

Wendy reminds us that no matter where we currently are in our lives, that the answers reside within and at the end of the day, we have all we need and we are okay. 

episode 004 THE SELF-CARE/CULTIVATION ELEMENT: Daring greatly for compassionate kindness

In this episode, Certified Professional Coach and Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Lillie Marshall speaks with us about Brené Brown's Daring Way, Rising Strong, and Braving concepts of Shame, Wholeheartedness, Guilt, Value, and Worth.  We begin a two-part discussion on defining these terms, their origins of creation, and set the stage for continued discussion on the somatization of beliefs leading to physical disease and illness.  Compassionate self-kindness is discussed and explored.

episode 005