Medically Undiagnosed Symptoms [MUS]

certain conditions and syndromes are unexplainable in allopathic medicine.

conglomerations of odd symptoms are not connected in the specialized, systematized and logical minds of allopathic medicine. These symptoms are oftentimes CATEGORIZED as ‘Medically undiagnosed symptoms (mus)’.

chinese medicine sees things from a different perspective, from various branches originating from a source root.

as an expert diagnostician, I see patterns and connections not seen by other physicians or acupuncturists.

after tracing and locating the root source, i will explain your symptom progression in an easy to understand way. you will also receive a written report to take to your physician team.

your treatment plan will focus on stabilizing your current symptoms, reversing back to the source to heal the original imbalance and treating the areas impacted and taxed by these chronic symptoms. multiple treatments are a necessary part of your treatment plan and prognosis. Please watch the informative video below for more information.

rare disease & unexplainable symptoms are a special passion and area of focus. I look forward to working with you soon.

~ C. Cliff