certain conditions and syndromes are unexplainable in allopathic medicine.

conglomerations of odd symptoms are not connectable in the rational minds of allopathic medicine.

chinese medicine sees things from a different perspective, from various branches originating from a source root.

I am an expert diagnostician whose gift is seeing patterns and connections not seen by other physicians.

not only will i find the root source, but i will explain it all to you in a way that makes sense to your mind and your innate knowing of yourself.

treatments will focus on stabilizing where you currently are to prevent progression, then slowly reversing back to the source to heal the original imbalance. Finally, we will treat the areas impacted and taxed by this condition in order to prevent future issues.

rare disease & non-explainable symptoms are a special passion and area of focus. I look forward to working with you to give you peace and healing.