Our Core Values


From patient connection to public speaking, these are the guideposts by which we measure ourselves and our work.




We believe in impacting the lives of our patients through:  

  • A patient-centered omni-directional approach which facilitates faster healing, balancing, and wellness thereby returning our patients to their lives more quickly.  
  • We are a results driven practice and impact our patients lives through those results.  

We believe in impacting the community we serve through:

  • Partnering with local small business owners and community leaders.  By supporting each other as business owners, we provide a cohesive web that forms the foundation of lasting impact and change upon the landscape of our community.  
  • Expanding the reach of Chinese Medicine through our podcast and You Tube Channel, through social media and local speaking engagements.  


We strive to continually grow:

  • Our practice.
  • Our knowledge and wisdom.
  • Our professional community connections.
  • Ourselves.

Our 2018 Growth goal is to invite 362 new individuals into acupuncture & Chinese Medicine through public speaking engagements, podcast episodes, our You Tube channel, or by direct patient impact in our office or through our professional community partners.




We strive for excellence in all that we do.  From patient connection and experience, to performing our craft of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, to our representation in the community, we take pride in setting, and achieving, the highest professional service excellence standards.