Energy Medicine

All medicine is vibrational medicine. ~ Jeffery Yuen, 88th gen. Daoist Priest

All life is composed of energy.  This energy vibrates and flows according to the laws of Physics.  All individuals have the ability to be aware of these energies.  Certain individuals are able to attune to and align with these energy frequencies and determine imbalances with the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  These gifted individuals remove stagnant energy causing blockages, realign the body's energy systems, and soothe the misaligned frequency of the body.  Our Reiki Master and Healer is one of these gifted individuals.  Her visions, messages, and gifts can only be appreciated one-on-one under her hands and breath.  



30-60 MINUTES $125

Reiki is a Japanese technique of assessing and aligning energy in the chakras, cekes, and meridians of the body.  Our Reiki Master places her hands on various areas of the body, clears stagnant energies, and realigns chakras in their correct spin, color, and vibrational frequency.  This modality is especially gentle and suggested for anyone who is unsure of acupuncture or deeper modalities.  


Space Clearing~Blessing

120 MINUTES $300/location

All thoughts, feelings, inspirations, opinions, judgments, imaginations, dreams, aspirations, intentions, creativity, and emotions emit vibrational energy.  This energy, if not cleared periodically, can become stagnant and heavy resulting in low energy, bad morale, sluggish thinking, unsafe and accident prone locations.  Our gifted Healer can clear this energy, determine the source of energies involved, communicate with energies present, and bless the space with healing, high vibrational frequency energy.