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Jessica F.
Charlotte, NC

I was referred to Dr. Cliff through a friend of a friend for my Bell's Palsy.  I was told that she was the 'go-to' for BP.  After 4 sessions and an herbal formula, I completely back to normal!!  I was even able to be in a friend's wedding pictures!  Thank you Dr. Cliff!!  


Colleen N.
Charlotte, NC

Dr. Cliff had successfully treated me in the past for collapsed lung.  When my hip and back became so painful that I was immobile and my quality of life was halted, I went to Dr. Cliff.  Physical therapy wasn't helping and seemed to make things worse.  Dr. Cliff assessed me and immediately referred me back to her personal hip surgeon whom she had sent me to previously.  He confirmed that I needed labrum repair surgery for a congenital hip disorder.  Post-surgery, I was not progressing as quickly as expected and PT seemed to inflame my hip creating as much pain as pre-surgery.  I again sought Dr. Cliff's expertise.  One acupuncture treatment and the pain was gone with increased mobility! 


I had developed what I thought was plantar fasciitis which a post-surgical follow-up diagnosed as Achilles Tendonitis.  Dr. Cliff suggested Kinesio Taping (another certification she holds) and advised that I change the plantar fasciitis taping I had taped to an achilles taping with the specific tensions.  After changing the tape I had immediate relief!  


Dr. Cliff had suggested foundation training after getting clearance from my surgeon.  I just had a session with Josh and he, and foundation training, was amazing!  


If it hadn't been for Dr. Cliff's personally vetted partnerships, her incredible diagnostic skills and her ability to know when and where to refer, I would still be immobile, in pain and unable to fully live my life.  I cannot overstate how good she is, how much she knows, how deeply committed she is and how much she cares about your wellness.  Amazing.  Few doctors exist like her.


Charlotte, NC

I had been experiencing lymphatic congestion following breast cancer surgery.  I tried cupping and massage, chiropractic and every other modality.  At the suggestion of a local business woman, I went to Crystal.  This shit works!  It is the only thing that has reduced my swelling, softened the hardness under my tricep, armpit and right side.  I don't understand how it's working with all the needles but I've told my oncologist about her as well as my anesthesiologist.  Crystal is the real deal!


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