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Our 5 Elements of Wellness Series 3F Guarantee & Pause Policy

3F Guarantee:  I want you to be certain you are getting an exchange for your time, energy and emotion so, if by the end of the First day of the First Series, you haven't had an 'Ah-ha' moment, learned something new, made a connection point to something you previously knew, or made a connection with someone in the Wood Dragon cohort AND you want to stop your journey where it is, I will happily refund 100% of the monies you have paid in to that point PLUS $50 (max) money for transportation home that day.    

Pause Policy:  Life happens.  If due to death, injury or illness of yourself or your immediate family, you need to pause your journey in the 5 Element of Wellness series, you will be able to place your payments on hold and resume your journey with the next cohort at the exact Series you stopped in.  Please note that monies paid in will not be refunded.  
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