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The 5 Elements of Wellness 
5 Series

One Year to Live Yinside Out, Wild & Wide Open.

Show Up.  Step In.  Be Bold.

Welcome to the Phoenix Moon Academy of Alternative Medical Arts where we blend ancient medicines and traditions, modern evidence-based & observational research and earth sciences to create a complete system of wellness.

Our Mission is to empower & educate, create community, bridge the gap between allopathic, alternative & energetic medicines and lessen the impact on existing medical systems by empowering you to your own wellness.  

In our 5 Elements of Wellness series, we spend one year exploring, discovering and uncovering your wellness 

through five deep-dive, immersive, interactive 2.5 day weekend intensives.   


During the year, you will learn & apply the 5 elements

that ancient cultures ascribed to creating and maintaining health and wellness

to your own unique 1-in-4 Trillion Elemental Map*

These 5 Elements are explored by season and through five levels of the body

from the skin to the DNA/Ancestral.  


Each 2.5 day session builds foundation for the next in the series.  


Each of the five in-person immersive sessions will thoroughly discuss the energetics, tools, methods,

elements, elementals and aspects of the seasonal elements and

their corresponding 5 Elements of Wellness element.  

Each seasonal session will include guided instruction on application of these

multi-faceted and multi-dimensional aspects, 

suggestion and guidance on self-paced discovery between sessions,

and community support through your Jia Chen Lóng Dragon (Male Wood Green Dragon) cohort.


The first crucial aspect to healing, wellness and health --
your Elemental Map.

Each person is a combination of the 5 elements identified by the ancient Chinese -

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water.  

Not only are you composed of the same elements of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and so on as these elements but you also carry microcosmic characteristics of these macrocosmic elementals, ie. a 'fiery disposition', a 'stick up the ass' mentality, a 'go with the flow' personality.  


These elements are in certain percentages within you based on four factors and is how you interact with the world regardless of influence or impact.

These four factors are:


  1. The 1-in-4 Trillion exact moment of your birth which creates an 'elemental map' that is expressly unique to you. 

  2. Your parents elemental constitution at your conception.  

  3. Nurture.  

  4. Your Ancestral Impact.

Through our time together, you will:

  • Discover and uncover your unique 1-in-4 Trillion Elemental Map* (Series 1).

  • Learn and create relationship with the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. 

  • Access your 5 Elements of Wellness and balance them via your Elemental Map (Series 1-5).  

  • Learn the role of Spirit, Spirituality and Shen Spirit in your wellness.

  • Create relationship with personal spiritual gifts through guided support.

  • Learn how, what and whom when working with any healing or spiritual tool.

  • Be guided through the 5 levels of the body starting with exactly where you are.

  • Learn the Yinside Out gentle circular progression

(which does not require proof nor perfection for value and worth determination).

  • Let go of the yang dominant linear progressive path (that utilizes comparison pressure and goal obtainment as proof of personal value).  

  • Be guided on how to find small hinges that swing open big doors to wellness.

  • Reclaim your power and Sovereignty that was lost or traded resulting in imbalance or being unwell.

The second crucial aspect to healing, wellness and health --
Sovereign Power of the Heart.


Three decades in alternative and allopathic medicine has made clear that the loss of power and feminine Sovereignty, traded through centuries for security and survival or stolen through personal or Ancestral trauma, has led to imbalance of the Heart resulting in illness, overall systemic imbalance and general lack of wellness

across the mind, body, emotion, energy and spirit.  


As you progress through the 5 Series, healing yourself, regaining balance, you will learn how to trust yourself again, calling back bits and pieces of yourself from the spaces and places you left yourself and your power in and ultimately,

will reclaim your Sovereign autonomy.


Throughout the year, you will work in the old ways of women in supportive community

while independently remembering and recalling how to work from your personal seat of sovereign grace

where bargaining and trading are replaced with calling and commanding everything you need as a rightful Sovereign well-woman in right relationship with herself who is 

Living Yinside Out, fiercely and fearlessly Wild & Wide Open, in full Feral Beauty. 

If you feel called to be well, to discover who you truly are, to reclaim all that was lost or taken from you or to step fully into your Sovereign power as a woman, then I encourage you to

Show Up. Step In. Be Bold.

I look forward to helping you Live Yinside Out, Wild & Wide Open in Feral Beauty.

In Dr. Cliff's continual commitment to your success, and in honor of her Daoist Wu Shamanic and Barefoot Doctor lineages, is including the following support aspects:

  • A private WhatsApp group for ongoing discussion, guidance and support from your class cohort & direct access to Dr. Cliff.  

  • 'Homework' between series to reestablish trust, create relationship with the 5EW and come into upright and right relationship with yourself. 

  • Four private 1-hour 5EW coaching/mentoring sessions with Dr. Cliff to clarify, support and empower.  

       {Note: Not an acupuncture treatment.}

  • Meet-up sessions between series to strengthen communal bonds, provide support, offer guidance and empower.

Protections & Assurances

Dr. Cliff staunchly believes in safety, security and protected space for all individuals.  

As such, various physical and spiritual protections will be placed at the session location.  

Sessions will be held at the Sacred Grove Retreat Center in Gold Hill, NC. 

The 2024 Wood Dragon Cohort series is limited to 12 students in order to engage Daoist Shamanic Wu energetics.  

Please note that the 5 Elements of Wellness Series is a compounding series and

requires a commitment to the full year.  

If you have never received acupuncture nor been immersed Chinese Medicine,

please contact Dr. Cliff for a best-fit interview.  

Please also note that this 5 Series focus is on singular healing of yourself.  

If you wish to more deeply understand how to work with others in their own 5 Elements of Wellness,

I will be offering a 5 Elements of Wellness Coaching Certification course in 2025.  

This 5 Elements of Wellness 5 Series is a prerequisite to the 5 Elements of Wellness (5EW) Coaching course.  

Please note on your registration form if you have an interest in future 5EW coaching.

Tuition for the one-year comprehensive 5 Elements of Wellness 5 Series is $4128, which includes all materials for making your own Medicine Bag, handouts, Elemental Map ring stack and also includes dorm-style lodging and culinary medicine chef-designed food medicine meals.    

To secure your spot in the circle, a deposit of $1032 is required.  The remaining balance will be paid in monthly automated equal payments of $344 with payment in full by the Winter 2025 series.  

If you would prefer a different payment plan, please contact Dr. Cliff.  

We understand the uncertainty of life.  

Please read our 3F Guarantee & Program Pause Information here.

One full scholarship is available to those in indigenous, BIPOC, LBGTQIA,

and other marginalized communities who are unable to meet the financial investment. 

Please contact Dr. Cliff for full details and application.  

In support of women and children, 1% of net revenue from the 5 Elements of Wellness 2024 Series will be donated in the name of the 2024 Cohort to a vetted charity or initiative as decided by the class.  

Areas of support are as follows:

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG)

Ending Human Trafficking Charities (especially children)

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Trusts for Education of Marginalized Women for Future Business Ownership

Homeless Efforts

Please note that Dr. Cliff will not be diagnosing nor treating you as part of this course.  

During the session intensives, she will be acting solely in a Teacher capacity in the old ways of Teacher/Student relationship.

If you are seeking Chinese Medicine or acupuncture care from Dr. Cliff, please schedule a New Patient Session here.


This 5 Series in no way gives you the training, power nor permission to diagnose nor treat.  

{*Elemental Mapping percentages requires your exact time of birth.  If not possible, we have other methods and can determine your primary, secondary and tertiary elemental but will be unable to determine your exact percentages.*  Please place your exact birth time on your registration intake form.}


The 2024 5-Series

In honor one of our namesakes, our gatherings are specifically aligned with new Moon cycles.  

Future meet-up sessions will align with the full Moon cycles.    

Foggy Forest


Friday, March 08-

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Snow Moon to 

Crow Moon

  • Circle & Star of Wellness

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • The Daoist Triangle

  • 5 Elementals

  • 5 Wellness Elements

  • Feminine Financials 

  • Elemental Mapping/Constitution & Percentage Determination  

  • The 5EW of Wood

  • Wood Wellness Triangles

  • The 5-5-2-1-80/20 Principle 

  • Tao of Trauma - Wood

  • Wood Food Medicine

  • Working with Wind Medicine - Feng

  • Cou Li -  the Rhythm & Timing of Metal & Wood

  • Sinew Level 

  • Tendons & Ligaments

  • Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony

Potential Wood Season Ceremonies:

  • The Cycles Through The Seasons Rites of Passage Ceremonies:  First Menarche, Wombing Ceremony, Crone/Menopause/Surgical Menopause Ceremony, Grandmother Ceremony

Camp Fire


Friday, May 31-

Sunday, June 02, 2024

Flower Moon to Strawberry Moon

  • Spiritual Gifts Basics

  • Spiritual Tools Basics

  • Forging Relationship

  • Working with Fire & Smoke Medicine

  • Working with Plant Medicine - Starter Series

  • Working with Stone Medicine -Starter Series

  • Working with Animal Medicine - Starter Series

  • Chakras, Geometry, & Symbols

  • Lineages

  • Luo Level

  • Fire Elemental

  • The 5EW of Fire

  • Shen Shock Theory

  • 3 Body Fires

  • Alchemy

  • Protector, Rescuer, Martyr 

  • Tao of Trauma - Fire

  • Sovereignty of the Queen

  • 5 Shens

  • Blood & Bone

  • 21st C Leadership 

Potential Fire Season Ceremonies:


  • Fire Ceremony 

  • Power Reclamation Ceremony

  • Sovereignty Ceremony



Friday, August 30-

Sunday, September 01

Sturgeon Moon to

Harvest Moon

  • Late Summer Season

  • The Grainery Organs

  • Foundational Medicine

  • Microbiome

  • To Change Your Life

  • The 5EW of Earth

  • Primary Level

  • Tao of Trauma - Earth

  • Flesh, Dampness & Phlegm That Mists the Mind

  • Scorched Earth Syndrome 

  • Internal Spinal Integrity 

  • Digestive System D/Os

  • Endocrine System (hormones and neurotransmitters) Basics

  • Polyvagal Theory Basics

  • Metal and Nervous System Partnership.

Potential Earth Season Ceremony:

  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony 

Martial Arts with Samurai Swords


November 01-03, 2024

Beaver Moon

  • 5EW of Metal

  • Metal Aspects

  • Human Giver Syndrome 

  • Nervous System

  • Immutable Law Determination

  • SST Level 1

  • 8 Extraordinary Curious Organs + 3 Ancestries 

  • Book: Breath

  • Foundation Training Demo

  • The Role of Voice in Wellness 

  • Add, Keep, Delete

  • Making Your Medicine Bag 

Lake in winter


January 09-12, 2025

Wolf Moon

  • Water Element

  • 5EW of Water

  • The Lotus

  • T-Rex

  • Working with Bone & Blood 

  • DNA/Ancestor Work

  • Divergent Level

  • CortisolAdrenal Fatigue & Exhaustion

  • Fire Dance 

  • Women's Web of Life Dance

  • Name Reclamation Ceremony

  • Year Wrap Up

  • Graduation


Presented by Dr. Crystal N. Cliff,
Founder, Author, Speaker

     This 5 Series is a creation of my life's work distilled down into 5 weekend gatherings over the course of one year.  I created The 5 Elements of Wellness in 2007 following a breakdown that provided an epiphany for change.  I began studying all the beautiful ancient cultures and their medicines and found five recurring themes that were nature based and applicable to the human healing experience.  I worked with these ancient themes, these 5 Elements of Wellness, for 1.5 years while I changed my life and transformed myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

     The foundation is my beloved Daoist Classical Chinese Medicine woven with my Earth Medicine, Shamanic Medicine, Ancestral Medicines, Reiki, earth sciences (biology, physics, quantum physics, organic chemistry), evidence-based and observational research, three years of 21st Century Leadership training, 16 years of refining the system and over a decade of diagnosing and treating hundreds of patients through thousands of treatments using this method.    

     I have spent decades training in trauma, psycho-emotional disorders, rare diseases and cancer, food medicine & Chinese Dietary Therapy.  I have invested myself personally and professionally in ongoing development training in order to lead you where others cannot, in ways others have no knowing of.  

      I have written approximately 700 medical papers and won awards for my work as a woman business owner and community leader.  

     Now, after a literal lifetime of investment of time, energy, emotion, finances and boots-on-the-ground work, I am called to create my own medical lineage through the blessings and permissions of my Teachers.  Phoenix Moon Academy of Alternative Medical Arts is that lineage.  

     Welcome to my first offering in the Phoenix Moon lineage.



Traditions, Ceremonies & Dances  

1 / Wearing Skirts During Teachings

We will discuss this purpose in the first series weekend.

2 / Sitting On The Floor For Teachings

To anchor and ground you into the space and put everyone at a level location for equality of power.  We will also sit in a circle in the old ways of Teacher & Student. 

3 / No Recordings Allowed

In the way of my Daoist lineage, no recordings will be allowed for the 5 Series.  This material is being channeled specifically for the moment of our gathering and is subject to change based on the information being guided.  Also, this information is not to be shared with anyone outside the circle.  Not only has an energetic exchange for the information been received but there is an energetic exchange happening between myself and the Wood Dragon cohort that cannot be received by someone not present in the circle.  In this way, I honor my Daoist Priest, Master Jeffery C. Yuen.

4 / Small Personal Root & Anchor Altars

To give you anchor and root to your position in the circle and if the discussion gets heavy and you need a secure focus to place your emotions and energy into.

5 / Item or Small Totem for the Class Medicine Bundle

To add your energies into the collective of the 2024 Wood Dragon Cohort.  We will discuss the medicine bundle in the first weekend series. 

6 / Creation of Personal Medicine Bag

 Will be discussed in Series 1, made in Series 3.  Schedules are always open to change. 

7 / Creation of the Medicine Wheel - Yin & Yang

We will discuss the Medicine Wheel, and your position within it, during the first weekend series.  We will create one for the class (yin) and you will create one at home (yang).

8 / Power Reclamation Ceremony

This ceremony is a calling back of your power from the spaces and places you left, or safely stored, it in.  

9 / Sovereignty Ceremony

This will be a self-ceremony discussed in the first weekend series.

10 / Naming Remembering/Reclaiming Ceremony

This ceremony will be done in the Level 5 Series weekend.  We will begin laying the foundation in the first weekend and build toward this powerful reclaiming as well progress through the 5 levels.  

10 / Ceremonies

These ceremonies may be offered according to the corresponding Chinese Medicine season.  Cohort interest and ceremony site availability may determine actual ceremonies provided.  Private ceremonies are taken by request.

11 / Fire Dance & Women's Web of Life Dance

These are powerful ceremonial dances offered within my spirit lineage community.  We will discuss them during our time together.  You are not required to attend these dances although they are strongly suggested.

Bethany G., NC

"This course has changed my life!  I had been floundering trying to help myself be well.  I was choosing this method and that class and never getting anywhere.  I also felt that I was in it by myself with no one to help.  The 5 Elements of Wellness has connected everything together and I feel part of a community of women working together to be well and powerful. Do not hesitate to learn from Dr. Cliff any chance you can!!

Molly R., NC

"Dr. Cliff has a way of making the deep stuff easy to understand.  She brings irreverent humor and tough love into every experience.  I needed this.  I didn't know how much I was missing myself and my power until this 5 Series."

Jackie H., MI

"I am without words to completely describe this experience.  I was avoiding dealing with trauma and it was making me very unwell.  Through a year of slow, supportive movement through the 5 levels, I was able to peel back the edge, face my fears and heal.  I have more work to do but now I have the tools and knowledge to continue this work for myself.  This was the best investment in me that I've ever made."

Ready to Show Up, Step In & Be Bold?

5 Seasons + 5 Elements + 5 Levels + 1 Year = Change Your Life.

Register Below.


I want to join the 5 Series sessions!  Sign me up!

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